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Step by Step Calibration
Step One:
Manually, find the highest side of the plate adjust using a flat head screw driver, raise or lower the side until the plate is touching the nozzle tip on all four sides and then the center.
Use a sheet of paper and slide it under the nozzle on one side, if the paper is too loose or too tight, adjust the plate using a screw driver until the sheet of paper can slide with resistance under the nozzle tip. Once successfully done, continue the steps for the rest of the sides of the plate and the center. Then home the Z-axis, from there manual calibration is complete. +

Step Two: (After your plate is manually leveled)
Open MatterControl (if you do not have MatterControl on your personal computer download here:
After you have completed the download process of MatterControl, open the software.
Click on CONFIGURATION at the top right corner.
You will then see Automatic Calibration, Automatic Print Leveling should already be enabled
If not click enable.
Step Three:
next to Disable click on Configure.
From there you will be prompt to the MatterControl- Print Leveling Wizard
You will need:
1). A sheet of paper
2). Flat head screw driver
3). Make sure your plate and nozzle tip are clean from debris.
4). Nozzle temperature should be turned on.
This process will take roughly 3 minutes to complete.

From there you will be prompt to follow the easy leveling steps.
If you come across the MatterControl-Alert:
"Warning Moving Too Low.You cannot move any lower. This position on your bed is too low for the extruder to reach.
You need to raise your bed, or adjust your limits to allow the extruder to go lower."

Not to worry, simply go back to the last step and try again.

If the alert still prompts, simply adjust your Home sensor, using the thumb screws to adjust the height and continue with the last step.
Once the Automatic Leveling is complete, you are ready to use your 3D Stuffmaker desktop printer.

Consumer Series

Smaller footprint, perfect for the desktop home user who demands performance.

Hobbyist Series

Cost effective units for the hobbyist and tinkerer to experience 3D printing

Professional Series

Ideal for the instructional and prototyping environment without compromise.

3D Stuffmaker Cart